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Creation Creation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

the animation was smooth and well done, the only blemish to this is the super loud static that plays for audio through out the entire piece :)

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shy girl shy girl

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

well a few things that really jump out at me here, is 1st off your lines are so shaky, just look at her right leg, that thing is riddled with lumps, i would work on getting smooth strokes and smooth lines helps it feel more natural

2nd your shading is ridiculously inconsistant you have light sources in an almost 360 degree circle around her including forwhatever reason between her legs, my strongest suggestion her is pick a single light source and just highlight based off that, you dont need to highlight every single edge it will only make the piece look tacky and rather crap

3rd your body proportions are off, the prime example here. is just look at the shoulders, her left shoulder is halfway up the neck, now it could be argued that she's raised the shoulder for the zip but if that where the case you have 2 diffrent length arms
in addition your legs are faar too large for the size of the rest of the body the proportions there feel very much off

and finally the face lacks body, it feels flat, it has little to no shading and it just feels like a block and not a face at all, the hair is lifeless and mediocre

---- ON THE BRIGHTSIDE HERE.. what i feel you have done really well, is both the hands and the pants, that has been done well.. the shading on her left hand is effective and the best you've done on her entire body, the pants capture the feeling of jeans or denim really well. so well done there,

Keep practicing! and best of luck :D

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Gobtra responds:

im kinda new here so i didnt notice your comment,
but thanks a lot for your critique! i really a ppreciate :)
still have a long way to get good

Slavic Girl Slavic Girl

Rated 4 / 5 stars

im curious, why did you leave the hair blank? you have the line work there, even some faint basic linework in the hair area itself as if you had planned to do it, however you've left it perfectly white, so im very curious why you chose to do that?
a couple faults, that i noticed anyway, in a few areas your background shading has clipped into the image itself, the cloth hanging off her left arm, under the hand, it seems rather flat, lacking body and the linework doesnt really do it justice as i'd expect
and finally the shading on her right leg isnt as smooth as the rest of the piece and as a result it gives it a square and almost unatural feel that you've captured everywhere else
otherwise, excellent shading as i've come to expect from you, and the form and picture is really well done as a whole :)

Luciaea responds:

Hey, thanks for the comments.
Was going for an abstract deconstructivist feeling with the composition, hence the fabric and hair are white. The body too, to some degree, was meant to have more angles and control points - going more academical than realistic. so the right leg is square. the rest of the body should have been.
But yeah. some of the shading is off and a bit haphazard. In the end, I just wanted to finish this.

14 02 05 14 02 05

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i really like this, well done! the only fault is a few patches of white that just done seem to quiet fit, and it would have been nice to see some of those construction lines just to be cleaned up a little.. however as a whole you can just pass it off as 'rustic n artistic feel'

but as an overall its something i'd put on my wall, well done! cant wait to see more :D

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Luciaea responds:

Thanks for the review. It's a 30 min piece, so I didn't strive for perfection.