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shy girl shy girl

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

well a few things that really jump out at me here, is 1st off your lines are so shaky, just look at her right leg, that thing is riddled with lumps, i would work on getting smooth strokes and smooth lines helps it feel more natural

2nd your shading is ridiculously inconsistant you have light sources in an almost 360 degree circle around her including forwhatever reason between her legs, my strongest suggestion her is pick a single light source and just highlight based off that, you dont need to highlight every single edge it will only make the piece look tacky and rather crap

3rd your body proportions are off, the prime example here. is just look at the shoulders, her left shoulder is halfway up the neck, now it could be argued that she's raised the shoulder for the zip but if that where the case you have 2 diffrent length arms
in addition your legs are faar too large for the size of the rest of the body the proportions there feel very much off

and finally the face lacks body, it feels flat, it has little to no shading and it just feels like a block and not a face at all, the hair is lifeless and mediocre

---- ON THE BRIGHTSIDE HERE.. what i feel you have done really well, is both the hands and the pants, that has been done well.. the shading on her left hand is effective and the best you've done on her entire body, the pants capture the feeling of jeans or denim really well. so well done there,

Keep practicing! and best of luck :D

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Gobtra responds:

im kinda new here so i didnt notice your comment,
but thanks a lot for your critique! i really a ppreciate :)
still have a long way to get good

Slavic Girl Slavic Girl

Rated 4 / 5 stars

im curious, why did you leave the hair blank? you have the line work there, even some faint basic linework in the hair area itself as if you had planned to do it, however you've left it perfectly white, so im very curious why you chose to do that?
a couple faults, that i noticed anyway, in a few areas your background shading has clipped into the image itself, the cloth hanging off her left arm, under the hand, it seems rather flat, lacking body and the linework doesnt really do it justice as i'd expect
and finally the shading on her right leg isnt as smooth as the rest of the piece and as a result it gives it a square and almost unatural feel that you've captured everywhere else
otherwise, excellent shading as i've come to expect from you, and the form and picture is really well done as a whole :)

Luciaea responds:

Hey, thanks for the comments.
Was going for an abstract deconstructivist feeling with the composition, hence the fabric and hair are white. The body too, to some degree, was meant to have more angles and control points - going more academical than realistic. so the right leg is square. the rest of the body should have been.
But yeah. some of the shading is off and a bit haphazard. In the end, I just wanted to finish this.

14 02 05 14 02 05

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i really like this, well done! the only fault is a few patches of white that just done seem to quiet fit, and it would have been nice to see some of those construction lines just to be cleaned up a little.. however as a whole you can just pass it off as 'rustic n artistic feel'

but as an overall its something i'd put on my wall, well done! cant wait to see more :D

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Luciaea responds:

Thanks for the review. It's a 30 min piece, so I didn't strive for perfection.

Guitar Girl Guitar Girl

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i really like the composition of this image i gave you 4 stars for 1 major reason, but when i look at this image the neck and below = 5 stars, however the face, just doesnt fit, it feels like its a completely diffrent skin color n diffrent skin highlights in general to the rest of the body, it also feels slightly too large but mainly the color it looks to me like what i'd expect from someone photoshopping someone elses head onto a body, and i know that seems harsh and im sorry but from the neck down, this picture is absolutly stunning your highlights your shading the texture even is amazing.. i especially love the wrist band/arm band thingo that looks great!

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RushLightInvader responds:

Yeah i have better paintings i need to post. this was my 3rd paint i did ( i think ) Thank you tho :)

Pages from my Diary Pages from my Diary

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

you have a really crazy art style i wont critique it because i honestly dont know where to begin, but man it looks awesome

slopndoodle responds:

Thank you! these are all my older drawings and what not, My line work now is waaay more refined and less shaky, but thank you very much for the kind words!

Female Pico Female Pico

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

haha not going to lie, this probably isnt the greatest image have seen :P
so i mean where to begin, her right arm is broken, possibly no bone scructure at all, she would never be able to stand upright due to her/its head being larger than its torso, which mind you seems thinner than 1 leg, which is also possible broken? theres no spine? and the shading serves no purpose to the picture :D

so all that aside haha and i know its harsh :P it was a creative idea, which is 80% of the effort imo
so keep it up and dont be afraid to post we all start somewhere right :D this is what my work will look like if i leave the paper and start digital im sure, so keep practicing and goodluck :D

Miroko responds:

Wow, thanks for the honest review. :)
I was really not going to post this image but I think it's not fair to post those that I only like.
I'll keep in mind what you said, next time.

Gentlemen's Club of Evil Gentlemen's Club of Evil

Rated 4 / 5 stars

^dafuq is that person on..

anyway onto the review :D the piece is nicely done, the complete lack of shadow and rather stiff poses make for a very forced piece i feel however this type of image lets be honest, the suit n tie events like this are usually forced pose anyway.
if its for a tattoo piece i question why you chose to spread them so far apart, wouldnt it be more ideal to group them closer together in a more enclosed space and remove some of the unnecessary background work that will probably be skipped over in the tat anyway?
other than that i do especially love your freddy very well done there :)

good job and i dont know wtf the person above has been smoking, clearly forgot we're on newgrounds not the disney channel

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LinesToThePaper responds:

Thanks for the review, can't really disagree with you on any of those points. The background stuff was really more for me, any of these big tattoo designy things (especially if I'm not trying to sell it to an actual tattoo parlor) I tend to think of it as how it'll also play as a web image, letting the tattoo artist decide what he wants to throw out. That said, your point about bunching them together more is a really good point and something I'll have to keep in mind for the future for this kind of work.

Chapter 1: Tower of Ambagis Chapter 1: Tower of Ambagis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i know you'll probably end up hating my reviews haha :D but in this particular image, the houses on the right hand side, you obviously took a image of a house then worked off that image to redesign it into your own him right? because the top section of the roof still has corrugated tin roof and the peak on the right hand side of the roof still has the wall texure n window in it :D i would suggest if you going to use the images for reference perhaps consider removing them after doing your work, now that i've picked out the faults.. to the good stuff

your lighting in this image is really well done, your lack of detail yet when you look at the image as a grand scheme of thing and just sit back and observe its extremely well done, you think the man for example is wearing a coat n a hood but is only 6 lines, that to me is amazing theres a few scratch marks almost in the center above the guys head im not sure about, they dont seem to fit, the building in the distance is really well done, again the lighting and shadow there are very well done..

SkyrisDesign responds:

It is awesome to get an constructive review so please keep them coming! To answer your question, the house on the right was first painted, and then I applied texture using photos. But I do agree with you , I did do a pretty poor job. xD Ill keep that in mind in future work!

Chapter 2: Desolated Village Chapter 2: Desolated Village

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

awesome :D really amazing
im curious, was it just the brush type that gave the image of a tree + the letters HD in the left hand tent? or is it just coincidental/im possibly going insane and seeing things? :P

otherwise i have nothing to fault you on, you have done an amazing job at drawing the eye towards the guy sitting there, and you have given a perfect ammount of detail to everything you needed too, your lighting and shadows are consistant
but yea the only thing that bothers me is the tree in the tent on the left :P and the HD

SkyrisDesign responds:

Omg.. you got an amazing eye xD

Violet Raven Violet Raven

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

my issue isn't with the piece its your not uploading it for review or to show off your art, its a quick thing with tits, to get peoples attention and get them to your stream, it seems to cheapen you're stream and doesn't make me want to visit :D sorry

ultrafem responds:

Your "problem" is that you think your opinion means something. When I post text links, nobody visits the show. When I post images, people visit. So go fuck yourself.